KB0065: Selecting a dZ/dt Source in IMP Analysis Application

Only two signals are required for analysis in the Impedance Cardiography (IMP) analysis application – ECG and Zo. The third signal used in analysis, dZ/dt, is the inverted first derivative of the Zo signal and can be derived in hardware and sampled during acqusition or derived in software post-acquisition. The hardware-derivation […]

KB0064: MindWare Mobile Events

While acquiring data using a MW Mobile, pressing the A and B buttons on the Mobile will insert a time stamped event marker in the data file for use during analysis.   Local Mode In local mode, these events will always be labeled as “A” or “B” depending on the […]

KB0063: BioNex Trigger Out Functionality

The 8-Slot BioNex is capable of triggering external systems using the Trigger Out port on the back. The functionality of the Trigger Out port differs depending on the generation of BioNex you are using.   4th Generation BioNex The 4th generation BioNex uses a BNC connector for the Trigger Out […]

KB0061: Synchronizing BioLab with Tobii Pro Glasses 2

The synchronization pulse sent by the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 can be used to synchronize eye tracking with all data collected in BioLab, including physiology collected from a BioNex or MindWare Mobile and digital events captured from stimulus presentation packages. This is done by leveraging the event-detection capabilities on the […]

KB0059: Sending UDP Commands to BioLab from E-Prime

First introduced in BioLab 3.3.0, UDP Commands are a mechanism by which you can start acquisition, stop acquisition, and log events via a network interface. These UDP commands can be sent from any source capable of opening a UDP port and sending data. This article will focus on how to […]

KB0058: Building an MWI File

A MindWare data record consists of 2 files – an MWX and MWI file. The MWX file contains the raw data, which is never modified after acquisition is completed. The MWI file provides an index to the MWX file to optimize access to its content. It also contains any changes made […]

KB0057: Installing BioNex Modules

The MindWare BioNex system for data acquisition is made up of modules, each of which are designed to collect a specific type or set of signals. This article details how to identify, uninstall, and install a module in the BioNex. Identifying a module Modules are inserted in the front of the BioNex […]

KB0056: Connecting an E-Prime Trigger Cable

The E-Prime Trigger cable connects the computer running E-Prime by Psychology Software Tools, Inc. (or PST) to the MindWare data acquisition hardware. This allows E-Prime to trigger the start of data acquisition and transmit digital signals for event logging in BioLab. This cable can be used for any stimulus software […]