KB0080: MindWare Event File Format

MindWare Event files are stored in tab-delimited column format, where each row represents a new event and each column stores specific information about that event. There are two types of MindWare Event files named for the type of timestamp used to describe the location of each event – Absolute and […]

ECG 60Hz Noise Demo Data

Demo File: ECG 60 Hz Noise.zip This short file contains an ECG channel affected by 60Hz noise, which is typically caused by electrical interference. 60Hz power is common in the United States and a few other countries. In much of the rest of the world, electrical interference is characterized by 50 […]

All About EDA Part 3: Data Editing

Now that we recognize the components of the EDA waveform, it is important to differentiate between actual response and fluctuations in the signal which are in fact artifacts. It is important to prevent artifact from occurring as much as possible by using quality electrodes and following best practices for data acquisition, […]

All About EDA Part 2: Components of Skin Conductance

Last time we talked about the significance of measuring electrodermal activity, and how it is collected. Now we can start looking at the resulting waveform and how to extract meaningful information from it.   Scaling EDA to Microsiemens MindWare applications expect incoming data to be in volts (with the exception […]

All About EDA Part 1: Introduction to Electrodermal Activity

All About Electrodermal Activity EDA stands for Electrodermal Activity, and is the measurement of changes in the electrical properties of the skin. When a person sweats, the conductivity of their skin changes, and activation of eccrine sweat glands is an established indicator of sympathetic nervous system arousal. Therefore, by measuring […]

KB0075: Fix Incorrectly Sized Analysis Windows

The window size and position for the Setup, Analysis, and Editor screens are retained in configuration files so that they can be reproduced the next time the application is run. It is possible for these configuration files to become corrupted, resulting in some odd window sizing such as this: To […]

KB0074: BioLab Error -50808

Issue Error -50808 is related to USB communications and only affects the BioNex platform or Wireless Data Center. This error results from the system reporting a USB transaction error. According to Intel, a transaction error is any error that caused the host controller to think that the transfer did not complete […]

Improving Data Quality: ECG

Before reading this article, check out these basic guidelines for ensuring good data collection which are universally applicable. Now we will get a bit more focused, and talk about signal specific data quality issues that can arise and how to deal with them. Disclaimer: Labeling data “good” or “bad” is […]