KB0096: DIY EDA/GSC/GSR Electrode Buying Guide

Due to supply shortages, MindWare Technologies is temporarily unable to offer pre-wetted GSC electrodes. We have developed a procedure for wetting dry electrodes that produces a seamless transition from pre-wetted electrodes for continuity of ongoing studies using these electrodes. This article serves as a guide for determining how much of […]

KB0094: Analysis Using Events from Tobii Pro Lab

Tobii Pro is a leading provider of solutions for eye tracking, including the detection of eye movements, attention, and focus of the user. This allows for unique insights into human behavior and can be quite powerful when combined with metrics of autonomic function as obtained by MindWare systems and software.  […]

KB0092: Mangold VideoSyncPro Installation/Activation

In this article, we will discuss the process to first install and then activate your Mangold VideoSyncPro application for synchronous audio/video collection. Downloading and Installing VideoSyncPro To begin, visit our Downloads page or click here to download the Mangold Software Manager, which will allow you to access the latest version […]

KB0090: Activating a Virtual License

Software licenses can be distributed on a Software Key or as a virtual license, which requires activation on the computer where the software will be used. Both subscription and perpetual licenses are available as a virtual license.  This article will go over the license activation procedure. Selecting your License Type […]

KB0087: Activating Your COVID-19 Temporary Analysis License

This article will go over the activation process for the temporary licenses issued during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that the flexibility of these licenses helps researchers stay productive through this difficult time. Note: These licenses may only be activated on a single device once, and will be valid for […]

KB0080: MindWare Event File Format

MindWare Event files are stored in tab-delimited column format, where each row represents a new event and each column stores specific information about that event. There are two types of MindWare Event files named for the type of timestamp used to describe the location of each event – Absolute and […]

ECG 60Hz Noise Demo Data

Demo File: ECG 60 Hz Noise.zip This short file contains an ECG channel affected by 60Hz noise, which is typically caused by electrical interference. 60Hz power is common in the United States and a few other countries. In much of the rest of the world, electrical interference is characterized by 50 […]