In-depth ECG Editing for High-Frequency Heart Rate Variability Webinar September 21st 2021

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0:00 – Introduction
2:11 – What is ECG?
6:16 – What is HF-HRV/RSA
8:30 – How an ECG is Processed
11:30 – Why is Editing Important?
12:41 – Common Edits
14:33 – Editing Rules

Examples of Editing
17:42 – Example 1 (Artifact Editing)
49:39 – Example 2 (Arrhythmia)

58:45 -MindWare Technologies Seminar & Workshop Details

1:00:50 – Clarification of “Frequencies”
1:05:03 – Trial Lengths
1:07:55 – Clarification of 10% Rule
1:08:30 – “When the patient seems to have an arrhythmia and the R Peaks are correctly detected however they are detected ass yellow stars due to the varying distances, are keeping the yellow stars ok if the R Peaks are properly defined?”
1:11:12 – “If adding a midbeat creates an artifact on one side of the added beat, what is the recommended action?”
1:13:41 – “If you have 10 minutes of contiguous ECG data, and you have to delete a segment in the middle of the 10 minutes, can HF-HRV still be calculated (because there is greater than 30 seconds on either side of the deleted segment)?”
1:16:06 – “Is it possible to get correct ECG readings on males with chest hair?”
1:18:06 – Versions of MW software and edit markings
1:20:17 – “What happens if we insert a midbeat and the program still shows the peak is yellow?”
1:22:27 – “What should we do if the first peak in the section is yellow?”

1:23:22 – Outro