KB0008: LabVIEW: Memory is Full Error

If the analysis application gives a “LabVIEW: Memory is full error” when a file is selected for analysis then it is most likely due to corruption of the application configuration files. The following steps will re-initialize the configuration file:

KB0009: Change DEP Settings

When an application appears in the Task Bar and immediately disappears without ever opening, it is likely that Data Execution Prevention (DEP) has been enabled and the MindWare application has not been made an exception. The following steps show how to change DEP settings on Windows 7:

HRV vs. IMP : Why R We Editing Twice?

HRV vs. IMP : Why R We Editing Twice? Collecting and editing the ECG signal is crucial to performing heart rate variability (HRV) and impedance cardiography (IMP) analysis. In both of these cases it is necessary to identify a landmark on the ECG waveform to identify a beat. Using a […]