KB0008: LabVIEW: Memory is Full Error

Memory Full Error

If the analysis application gives a “LabVIEW: Memory is full error” when a file is selected for analysis then it is most likely due to corruption of the application configuration files. The following steps will re-initialize the configuration file:


Note: This process will set all application settings back to default. Be sure to make note of your current settings before proceeding.

  1. Start the application and when prompted to select a file for analysis instead press “Cancel”
  2. Go to the Settings menu and select “Reinitialize All to Default”
  3. The application will warn you that proceeding will result in the reset of the configuration files to default. Press OK to proceed with re-initializing
  4. When the prompt closes, open a file for analysis from either the file menu or the folder button next to the file path and confirm that the error doesn’t occur
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