KB0006: Supported Event File Types

Event files are used to identify key points in time for a given acquisition. These events can be quickly navigated to for analysis purposes. MindWare analysis applications support 2 types of event files:

MindWare Event Files: The MindWare event file is written by BioLab (3.0 and earlier) and contains all events detected during acquisition regardless of their source. Event files are named such that they can automatically be loaded along with a data file so long as the following criteria are met:

  1. Both data file and event file must be stored in the same directory
  2. The event file name must follow the pattern “datafilename_event.txt”

For more information on these event files, please see this article.

Noldus Event Files: Events captured in Noldus Observer can be utilized for physiology analysis. MindWare analysis applications support the delimited column text output format only. For more information on how to export events from Observer for use in MindWare, please see this article or the Noldus Observer XT User Manual.

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