KB0022: Troubleshooting USB Extenders

This article details how to troubleshoot connectivity issues with hardware which is being used in conjunction with USB extenders (i.e. keyboard, mouse, BioNex).


  • When BioNex is powered on, the light on the MW panel is not illuminated
  • The device is not detected by Windows or BioLab
  • Remote keyboard/mouse not functioning


  1. Ensure that the Transmit unit is connected to the PC via USB
  2. Ensure that the Receive unit is connected to the extended device via USB and to power via the provided AC adaptor
  3. Ensure that the Transmit and Receive units are connected together via an Ethernet cable (CAT5 or CAT6)
  4. If all of the above is correct, reset the Receive unit
    1. Unplug device USB from extender (if using BioNex, power it down)
    2. Unplug power from extender
    3. Plug power back into extender
    4. Plug device back into extender (if using BioNex, power it on)

When done correctly, you should see the device detected by the computer to which the Transmit unit is connected.

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