KB0078: Replacing a Broken Mobile Clip

If the belt clip breaks on your Mobile (50-2303-00), depending on where it broke, it may be possible to replace in the field. This video details the process:  If you need to purchase a replacement clip or send your Mobile in for replacement of the fixed portion of the […]

KB0077: Internet Access with Multiple Network Interfaces

Many MindWare labs have an isolated network dedicated to research data. To have access to external resources, such as the internet, outside of the research network, we recommend adding a second network interface to desktop computers or using both wired and wireless on laptops. Connect one network interface to the […]

KB0069: Mobile to BioLab Connection Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing issues connecting your Mobile to BioLab over Wifi check these areas: BioLab IP Configuration If your setup usually automatically detects the Mobile, then the Mobile and the PC should have similar IP addresses and BioLab needs to be configured to listen on the correct address. The Mobile […]

KB0042: Identifying BioNex GSC Generations

There are two generations of MindWare product versions that measure Galvanic Skin Conductance (GSC) and they have different measurement ranges. This article is intended to help identify your product version and choose appropriate gains. This only applies to the BioNex Impedance Cardiograph Module (50-371100-00) and BioNex 3-Channel Bio & GSC Module […]

KB0014: Using the MindWare License Manager

The license manager works with MindWare keys to display your serial number and licensing information. With it, you can verify your currently-licensed applications and automatically or manually updating licenses. The latest version of the License Manager is always available from the Software Downloads page. Please upgrade to the latest version before updating […]

KB0013: BioLab 3.0.x Error -200361

Issue There is a compatibility issue when running Windows 7, or newer, with a BioNex 2-Slot and BioLab 3.0.x. This results in a form of the error: The following error has occurred: Error -200361 occurred at DAQmx Read (Analog 1D DBL NChan 1Samp).vi:3 Possible reason(s): Onboard device memory overflow. Because […]

KB0001: SD Cards and the Mobile

The Mobile uses SD cards for data storage in local mode only. We recommend leaving a card inserted in the unit during Wifi mode to prevent dust from entering the unit. SD Errors In order to protect research data, the Mobile is very strict about the state of SD card […]

KB0011: Updating the Mobile Firmware

We occasionally release updates to the MindWare Mobile firmware to address issues and add functionality. New firmware updates are available to download from our Software Downloads page. Both models of the Mobile use the same firmware update files. To apply a firmware update: Place the firmware update file on a SD card (Do not […]