KB0011: Updating the Mobile Firmware

We occasionally release updates to the MindWare Mobile firmware to address issues and add functionality. New firmware updates are available to download from our Software Downloads page.

Both models of the Mobile use the same firmware update files.

To apply a firmware update:

  1. Place the firmware update file on a SD card (Do not rename the firmware file)
  2. Insert the SD card into the Mobile and attach the charger
  3. Power on the Mobile
  4. While the MindWare logo is scrolling on the screen, press and hold both the left and right arrow buttons
  5. Select the firmware file from the list
  6. Wait while it verifies the file
  7. Press Update at the confirmation prompt to continue
  8. Wait while the update occurs. It will take a couple of minutes with no indication of progress
  9. Unit will beep once and reboot with the new firmware

The About screen under System Settings in the menu will reflect the new version of firmware.

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