KB0014: Using the MindWare License Manager

The license manager contains your serial number and licensing information. With it, you can verify your currently-licensed applications, upgrade eligibility expiration, and generate a license string to start the upgrade process.

In the event that you want to upgrade your analysis applications, you will need to open the license manager to retrieve your serial number and current license string. Once you have these two pieces of information then you will need to send them to your MindWare sales representative. After your payment is processed then you will receive a new license string to apply using the License Manager that will enable you to use your new software.

The latest version of the License Manager is always available from the Software Downloads page. This article assumes you already have it installed.

The License Manager is typically located at Start -> All Programs -> MindWare -> MindWare License Manager

Locating your Serial Number

  1. Start the License Manager
  2. Your serial number will be displayed in the box highlighted red below

Step 4_crop

Generating a License String to Send to MindWare

  1. Start the License Manager
  2. Go to File -> Current License
  3. Copy the encoded license string from the box highlighted in red below and paste it into an email to your MindWare representative

Step 6_crop

Updating a License String

After a MindWare representative has provided you with a new license string, use this process to update your license key.

  1. Copy the new license string provided by your MindWare representative to the clipboard, including the equal signs at the start and end
  2. Start the License Manager
  3. Verify that the serial number for the key reported by the License Manager matches the serial number provided with the new license string
  4. Go to File -> Update License
  5. Paste the new license string into the Update Licenses window and press OK.

The License Manager will report that the update succeeded or an error if there was an error in the string or the serial numbers did not match. If the serial numbers match and the string was unaltered but the update does not succeed, contact your MindWare representative or open a support case so we can investigate the issue.


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