Modifying HRV High-Frequency Band Settings

When attempting to analyze and report ECG data in the frequency domain it is important to understand that you may need to adjust certain settings based off of the subject’s age or state of activity (resting or exercising). This article will primarily focus only on adjusting the high-frequency bands of […]

KB0079: Syncing a MindWare Mobile with Tobii Pro Glasses 2

This article assumes that the user has already collected Tobii eye tracking data using the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and MindWare physiology data using the MindWare Mobile. There exists a special sync cable that connects the two devices that is necessary for syncing purposes. For more information about this cable, please […]

Impedance Analysis Software Webinar April 25th 2018

Watch on YouTube to jump to specific locations. Intro: 00:00 Impedance Blog Posts and User Guide: 01:20 Impedance Signals: 02:54 Impedance Signals – ECG: 03:06 Impedance Signals – ICG: 03:52 Impedance Signals – Derived Respiration: 05:48 Introduction to Impedance: 6:42 Introduction to Impedance Cardiography (ICG): 6:46 Introduction to ICG – dZ/dt Component […]

KB0040: How to Export Data from MindWare Files

BioLab can export the data from a .MW or .MWX/.MWI file to a tab-delimited text file (ASCII) for import into other applications. Begin by opening BioLab and opening the .MW or .MWI file. Once the file has been selected, select the channels that are to be exported, choose any filtering to be applied, and […]

KB0021: How to Direct Connect to a MindWare Mobile

This article will provide instructions on how to conduct direct discovery of a MindWare Mobile. The automatic discovery method requires that broadcast UDP packets can make it from the PC to the Mobile. Direct Discovery can be used for restrictive network environments where these packets are blocked. Step 1: Turn […]