Analysis Applications Events and Modes Webinar


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Intro: 00:00
Setup Screen Overview: 00:53

Time Mode: 30 Second Segments: 02:08
Time Mode: Starting Analysis 30 seconds after Data Begins: 03:18
Time Mode: Ending Analysis before Data Ends: 04:00

Event Mode: Overview: 05:06
Event Mode: What Are Events?: 05:57
Event Mode: Pre Event: 07:35
Event Mode: Truncated Pre Event: 08:47
Event Mode: Post Event: 09:46
Event Mode: Truncated Post Event: 10:28
Event Mode: Pre And Post: 11:08
Event Mode: Pre + Post: 12:05
Event Mode: Event To Event + Time: 12:47
Event Mode: Truncated Event To Event + Time: 13:30
Event Mode: Event To Event: 14:11
Event Mode: User Defined Post Event: 14:54
Event Mode: User Defined Event To Event: 17:30
Event Mode: All Instances Disabled User Defined Post Event: 18:38
Event Mode: All Instances Enabled User Defined Post Event: 20:36
Event Mode: Overlapping Segments Post Event: 21:37
Event Mode: Event To Event User Defined All Instances Disabled: 23:25
Event Mode: Event To Event User Defined All Instances Enabled: 24:23

Event And Time Mode: 25:21

Q&A Portion-
“Can you use event mode without an event file?”: 29:08
“Can you show an example of using a parralel port digital event?”: 29:53
“How can I get more information on getting Direct RT or Media Lab to communicate with Biolab?”: 30:46
“Could you demonstrate the Event Mode: Pre and Post?”: 32:29
“Can you give an example of when using type might be better than using name as an identifier?” : 33:29
Demonstration of Editing in Multiple Modes: 34:11
“When should you use the auto analyze function?”: 35:23