HRV Analysis Software Webinar September 5th 2017

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Intro: 00:00
HRV Signals – ECG: 01:52
HRV Signals – Respiration: 03:15
HRV Signals – Other: 05:15
Introduction to HRV: 07:40
Introduction to HRV – RSA: 09:34
Introduction to HRV – Other Measures: 10:46
HRV Processing – Overview: 11:52
HRV Processing – Filtered ECG: 12:30
HRV Processing – IBI Series: 14:40
HRV Processing – Heart Period Time Series: 18:48
HRV Processing – Heart Period Power Spectrum: 20:52
HRV Application – Setup: 21:44
HRV Application – Analysis Screen: 26:38
HRV Processing – Artifact Detection/Correction: 29:58
HRV Processing – Effects of Artifact on RSA: 33:08
HRV Application – Deleting a Peak: 33:50
HRV Application – Inserting a Peak: 37:53
HRV Application – Deleting Multiple Peaks: 39:46
HRV Application – Inserting an Absolute Midbeat: 42:20
HRV Application – Writing Results to Excel: 46:30
Additional Resources: 47:21

Q&A Portion
“Could you provide an additional example of arrhythmia that we might see in our research?”: 48:28
“How can you tell if you have more than 30 seconds of data left after removing the beginning section of data points?”: 50:20
“If we didn’t record respiration in our study and don’t have impedance, can we still use RSA?”: 51:36
“Does it matter if the polarity is swapped on your respiration signal?”: 52:30
“Do we need to remove all yellow peaks in order to have valid analysis?”: 52:47
“What is the difference between deleting all points, and a portion of data?”: 53:40
“Additional Information on arrhythmias and cardiac timing reset”: 55:27
“How can you tell if the yellow markings are due to arrhythmia vs very high variability?”: 57:14
“What’s the benefit of deleting R peaks vs. leaving them in as yellow artifacts?”: 58:37

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