KB0023: Analyzing an IBI File in HRV

Many low power and/or ambulatory data collection devices output a derived IBI series rather than the ECG waveform itself. For these situations, the HRV application supports analysis of an IBI series directly. The file containing the IBI series must meet the following criteria:

  1. The IBI series must be separated in tab-delimited columns, with each column representing a time segment
  2. Each column must be equal in duration (i.e. each column represents 60 seconds of IBI’s). Note that this does not mean each column must contain the same number of data points, as the number of IBI’s which occur during a given time period can and will vary.)
  3. The first 2 entries in the first column contain special values:
    • Sample Rate – The rate (in samples per second) at which the data was recorded
    • Column Duration – The segment time represented in each column

IBI smaller

Analyzing an IBI file results in the following limitations:

  1. Segment Time cannot be modified from the column duration found in the IBI file
  2. Editing will be unavailable

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