KB0086: How to use MindWare software on a Mac

MindWare is currently only compatible with Windows operating systems. However, there are a couple of ways to run Windows on your Apple Computer. All methods in this article require an authentic copy of Windows that will need to be purchased.

Warning: MindWare does not support Mac OS. Consult your IT department, Apple, or Parallels for further support with installation or maintenance.  These methods are for Analysis applications only. Acquisition is not recommended on a Mac even with these methods. MindWare will continue to provide full technical support using this method if we are granted remote access to the Apple computer. These methods are untested but have been known to work in most situations. MindWare does not guarantee functionality of our applications with these methods.

Bootcamp Assistant

Bootcamp assistant essentially turns your Mac into a dual-boot PC. Meaning that upon startup, you can select whether to boot into your Mac OS or Windows. Bootcamp assistant will walk you through all the steps necessary to create a Windows partition on your hard drive.


Parallels is an emulation software that can be purchased that allows you to run Windows alongside your Mac OS. The parallels software will guide you on how to set up their software and your Windows installation.

Disclaimer: Apple computers that have an M1 processor will not be compatible with MindWare Software. These processors use the ARM architecture instead of the x86 architecture, which prevents them from emulating x86 version of Windows. x86 is required to run MindWare software.

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