KB0093: Mangold VideoSyncPro Basic Configuration

This article will discuss configuring an Axis Camera with Mangold VideoSyncPro, using a MindWare default camera configuration that has already been set up. Before completing the following steps, be sure to plug in your camera(s) and set up your network. Note: For more information on installing and activating VideoSyncPro, please […]

KB0091: How to use DirectX Diagnostic Tool

From time to time, it may be necessary to send in some computer-specific information about the components for troubleshooting. This walkthrough will show two ways to find and save this information. If you have the search bar on your task bar, you’ll be able to use that. Otherwise, you can […]

KB0089: Window Scaling

If you’re unable to see the top or bottom of your application, then you may have the Scaling setting set too high. Example of Top missing   Example of Bottom missing Steps to Resolve this Issue: 1. Right click on the Desktop and select Display Settings. 2. In Display Settings, […]

KB0088: Remote Desktop Options

Warning: Some of these options may require admin access.  Contact your IT department for assistance in configuring remote desktop connections.   Windows Remote Desktop Note: This method requires Windows 10 Pro and admin access on both PCs. Contact your IT department for assistance. Configuration1. Press the Start button and select […]

KB0086: How to use MindWare software on a Mac

MindWare is currently only compatible with Windows operating systems. However, there are a couple of ways to run Windows on your Apple Computer. All methods in this article require an authentic copy of Windows that will need to be purchased. Warning: MindWare does not support Mac OS. Consult your IT […]

KB0083: MindWare Mobile Router Specifications

The MindWare Mobile is designed to work on private research networks where the data collection host computer and the Mobile devices are all on the same subnet. It can, however, work in more complex network configurations and this document is intended to provide all of the information required. Wireless Specifications: […]

KB0082: MindWare Mobile is Unresponsive

Sometimes the MindWare Mobile will become unresponsive to buttons being pressed. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to): wireless connectivity problems, SD card errors, or screen/display issues. To perform a hard shutdown of the MindWare Mobile, press and hold the Running Man button for […]

KB0081: Using a Rating Response Box

The Rating Response Box is used (in conjunction with a Rating Response module) to record subject feedback during a protocol. Events can be recorded using the 2 buttons, or a continuous rating value can be recorded using the dial in the center. Connecting the Rating Response Box To connect the Rating […]