KB0075: Fix Incorrectly Sized Analysis Windows

The window size and position for the Setup, Analysis, and Editor screens are retained in configuration files so that they can be reproduced the next time the application is run. It is possible for these configuration files to become corrupted, resulting in some odd window sizing such as this:

To fix this, we can delete the configuration files which contain these settings to reinitialize them to the default window size and position the next time the application is run. The files are stored in the following directory:

C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\MindWare\{application name}


  • {username} is the user you are currently logged into the computer as
  • {application name} is the name of the application exhibiting the problem (i.e. HRV 3.1.5, IMP 3.1.2, etc)

Note: AppData is a hidden folder, so if you can’t see it, be sure to show hidden folders in Windows.

Once you have navigated to this directory, there are three files you should delete:

  • Editor_window.cfg
  • HRV 3.1.5 Setup_window.cfg
  • HRV Analysis_window.cfg

Note: The last two file names will vary based on which application and version you are using

Delete these files and re-open the analysis application to reinitialize to the default window size.

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