EDA Analysis Software Webinar

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Introduction and Overview: 00:00
Introduction to EDA: 1:49
Starting the EDA Application and Basic Configuration: 4:21
Beginning Analysis in the EDA application: 14:10
Editing Data in Analysis Interface: 18:33
Using the Rolling Filter: 20:59
Using the SCR Point Editor for Editing Data: 22:34
How to handle a Peak/Trough Series Mismatch Warning: 23:55
Writing Statistics for a Given Segment to Excel: 24:45
How to apply Previously Made Edits to a Data File: 26:34
Identifying Event Related Responses: 27:47

Q&A Portion-
“How can I tell if I’m recording good EDA data?”: 30:26
“Why is the half-recovery time negative one?”: 31:34
“How does respiration relate to a skin conductance response?”: 32:13
“How do you find the sample rate for the block size of the rolling filter?”: 33:23
Entire VS Interval Calculation Methods: 35:10
Best practices for Pre/Post Event timing analysis: 36:56
Bringing in Data from 3rd Party Systems: 38:16
Bringing Events Marked in 3rd Party Programs Into EDA Software: 41:38
Tonic Skin Conductance VS Mean SCL: 43:16