KB0003: Troubleshooting Software Key Errors

This article will address causes to software key error messages found while using BioLab or analysis applications, and common solutions to address them.


1:  “Error: No software key present!” or “Error: No dongle present!”

App Key Error

  • Cause: The software application is not recognizing the presence of a software key in the PC.
    • Solution: Insert a MindWare software key into the PC being used.
    • Solution: Ensure the software key is not plugged into a USB 3.0 Port.
    • Solution: Plug the software key into a different USB 2.0 port or try using a different USB hub if one is being used, wait 20 seconds to allow key drivers to initialize, and push “Retry”.



2:  “Error: Software license not found!” or “Error: App not present on dongle”

App License Error

  • Cause: The software key does not have a license for the analysis application trying to be opened, or the version of the app installed on the PC does not match the version on the software key.
    • Solution: Use the MindWare License Manager to confirm which version of software the software key is programmed for and download/install the proper analysis application version on the PC.  Current versions of MindWare’s analysis applications, and the MindWare License Manager are available for download on our website under Downloads.
    • Solution: To purchase an analysis application version, please contact [email protected]
    • Solution: If the analysis application version was purchased, but the software key does not give access, open a support case.
    • Solution: If you would like to try out an application for which you aren’t licensed, download version 3.2 from the Downloads page and run in Demo mode.


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