BioLab Fundamentals Webinar Part 3

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Introduction: 00:00
Recap: 01:32
Acquiring Data- File Types: 04:22
Acquiring Data-File Storage Recommendations: 06:30
Acquiring Data- Acquisition Screen Overview: 08:23
Acquiring Data – Trigger: 09:10
Acquiring Data – Events: 10:56
Acquiring Data – Journal: 12:57
Acquiring Data – Analog Out: 14:30
Acquiring Data – Data Display: 15:28
Acquiring Data – Static Analysis: 18:03
Acquiring Data – Audio/Video: 20:23
Acquiring Data – Epoch Mode: 22:31
Viewing Data- Configuration Screen: 25:04
Viewing Data- View Screen Overview: 30:04
Viewing Data- Exporting to Text: 33:37
Viewing Data- Modifying Events: 34:19
Viewing Data- Video Alignment Tool: 37:03
Common Configurations- Single Subject(BioNex + Video): 40:22
Common Configurations- Dyadic Setup(Mobile + Network Events + Media Recorder): 45:30

Q&A Portion
“Will the F11 event always be the same, or can you change it through out an existing acquisition?”: 50:58
“Is there a maximum value to the chart history length?”: 52:50
“Do configuration files reload all of the settings within BioLab?”: 53:19
“Can you share configuration files with other labs?”: 53:58
“Can you export events from a files to use in a different system?” 54:33
“Can you move events that were placed incorrectly?”: 55:29

Extra Content
Common Configurations- Single Subject(BioNex + Digital Events + Blood Pressure): 57:19

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