BioLab Fundamentals Webinar Part 1

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Introduction: 00:00
Introduction to BioLab: 01:11
Launching BioLab: 03:45
BioLab Configuration: 04:49
Sample Rate: 05:23
Trigger Modes: 8:53
Acquisition Mode/File Mode: 12:18
Additional Settings: 16:38
Channel Setup: 18:23
Channel On/Off: 18:47
Channel Names: 19:23
Gain Settings: 21:11
Scaling: 24:45
Filtering: 27:37
Data Preview: 33:12

Q&A Portion
“Does BioLab work on a MacBook?”: 36:34
“What filter did you use to get rid of the 60 Hz noise?”: 36:57
“Is it safe to upgrade BioLab in the middle of a study?”: 37:54
“Should you apply filters during acquisition or during analysis?”: 39:36
“How much does BioLab cost?”: 41:05
“What signals can you acquire in BioLab?”: 41:37
“Does BioLab work with wired and wireless systems?”: 43:06
“Can you use 2 BioNex with the same BioLab?”: 43:47
“Can BioLab trigger other acquisition systems?”: 45:02
“What if you forget to set scaling on the impedance channels? Can you still use the data?”: 46:06