BioLab Fundamentals Webinar Part 2

Watch Part 1 of this series here.

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Introduction: 00:00
Recap of BioLab Fundamentals Part 1 webinar: 01:12
Overview of Events in BioLab: 02:48
Digital Events: 04:31
Types of Digital Ports: 07:34
Summary Events: 10:39
Summary Event Section Recap: 15:32
Individual Events: 16:48
Triggering: 18:35
Keyboard Events: 20:33
Keyboard Events Recap: 23:04
Network Events: 23:49
Network Events Recap: 27:58
Chart Attributes: 28:37
Audio/Video: 31:48
Audio/Video Recap: 35:03
Noldus Media Recorder: 36:00
Trending: 37:14
Configuration Files: 38:56
Configuration Files Recap: 41:48

Q&A Portion
“Does the new integration with Noldus Media Recorder affect the current way that Noldus Observer interacts with BioLab?”: 43:45
” How many digital events are possible on the wireless data center?”: 44:26
“Can we wire a button, or other device, to the digital port to mark events?”: 46:00
“Should we use configuration files for multiple protocols which contain different summary event definitions?”: 46:29
“Are keyboard events marked when the key is pressed, or after the event name is entered?”: 47:19
“Can you run E-Prime and BioLab on the same PC?”: 48:01