ECG Editor Training Webinar

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Introduction: 00:00
ECG editing overview: 1:06
Why is editing important?: 3:17
Typical editing scenarios: 5:30
Using the ECG editor: 7:07
Using the zoom tool in the ECG editor: 9:16
Using the delete tool in the ECG editor: 10:57
Inserting an R peak: 14:24
How to handle very noisy data: 17:02
How to remove entire portions of data: 20:17
Using Y cursors to delete low amplitude artifact: 22:14
Using X cursors to place a mid-beat: 23:58
Saving and recalling edited data: 27:26
Identifying and handling arrhythmia: 28:29
Tips and tricks for using the ECG editor: 32:02

Q&A Portion:
“Could you show an example of editing in the impedance application?”: 36:50
“Does the 10% rule apply to impedance or just HRV?”: 41:03
“What is the difference between the blue dots and the yellow stars?”: 44:44
“Could you clarify the 10% rule regarding RSA?”: 46:30
“Can you clarify dz/dt in the impedance application and respiration in the HRV application?” : 49:28
“When should you give up and delete points rather than salvage it?”: 51:37
“Does the 10% rule apply to deleting/inserting visible R peaks?”: 53:50