Impedance Analysis Software Webinar

Watch on YouTube to jump to specific locations:

Welcome and Overview: 00:00
Opening the Program and First steps: 1:42
Overview of the Setup Screen: 3:30
Impedance Calibration Settings: 4:19
R Peak and Artifact Settings: 7:46
Additional Settings Tab: 9:05
Beginning to Analyze Data: 9:35
Overview of Analysis Screen Layout: 10:29
ECG Editor Walk Through: 12:47
Editing Miscalculated points in Ensemble Editor: 15:54
LVET Min/Max Markers: 18:31
Editing Extremely Noisy Data with ECG Editor: 20:33
Identifying False R Peak Markers: 22:57
Modifying Peak Detection Settings For Noisy Data: 25:10
Writing out Segments to Excel: 27:21
Saving Edited Data Files: 28:22
Opening an Edited Data File: 29:28

Beginning of Q&A Portion: 31:56
“Can Impedance be calculated without the measurements between front electrodes?”: 32:32
“Concerning the LVET window min/max settings, are the lines based on milliseconds past a certain point?”: 32:58
“How can I make the circle bigger in the ECG editor?”: 34:38
“What are the suggested settings when trying to derive PEP using the Mobile Impedance Cardiograph?”: 36:07
“How do you determine the voltage threshold in the peak detection settings?”: 36:58
“When using band electrodes, do you need front and back electrode distances?” 38:46
“What is the difference between Impedance and HRV editing?” 39:00
“How can I view video during analysis?”: 41:47
“When/If the X point ever falls outside of the LVET window, what can you do?”: 44:39
“Should I be moving my B point or allow the algorithm to place it for me?”: 46:30