KB0070: Computer Specifications

(Last updated 4/12/2024)

We recommend and supply Dell desktops and laptops with configurations that provide optimal performance, potential for future expansion, and overall compatibility for as many users as possible. Since the availability of configurations regularly changes, we can only supply general recommendations for some specifications.1 Systems not supplied or tested by MindWare may have unforeseen hardware or software compatibility issues.

Operating System Windows® 10 Pro or 11 Pro2, 64bit, English
Processor Intel® i7 (11th Gen or better)
Memory 16GB RAM or better (dual channel memory configuration is recommended)
Video Card3 NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM, 6.0GB GDDR6 or better with appropriate display adapters
Hard Drive 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD for data storage or larger
Networking Gigabit ethernet (dual gigabit ethernet required for desktops to isolate research network)
USB USB 2.04 recommended for BioNex
I/O Parallel Port PCIe Card for event marking

Microsoft Office is available for an additional fee. Computer systems purchased through MindWare include initial configuration, testing, and technical support for data acquisition and analysis. Security, virus scanning, and general system administration are the responsibility of the end-user. Notes:

  1. The listed computer system specifications are tested by MindWare for compatibility and performance. Different specifications may not perform as expected.
  2. See MindWare Software Compatibility Chart: https://support.mindwaretech.com/knowledge-base/kb0025/
  3. A video card with higher specifications is recommended for systems with virtual reality (VR) integration.
  4. Some USB 3.0 implementations do not emulate USB 2.0 properly and can cause video or data streaming issues. NEC/Renesas chipsets can be problematic. Intel chipsets may be acceptable. A USB 2.0 PCIe Card may be added to ensure compatibility.
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