BPV Analysis Software Webinar

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Intro: 00:00
What is BPV(Blood Pressure Variability)?: 1:49
Why Continuous Blood Pressure?: 2:27
Calibration and Correction to Proximal Arteries: 3:26
Anatomy of a Blood Pressure Waveform: 4:55
Initial setup and explanation of BPV Software: 5:33
Calibrating BPV Settings in BPV software: 10:59
Setting BPV artifact settings: 14:56
Additional settings: 16:29
Beginning BPV analysis: 17:30
Overview of Editing tools: 24:03
Saving edited data files and writing to Excel: 35:26
Loading edited data files: 37:44

Q&A Portion
“If you have a noisy section in the middle of your data, should you delete all the peaks and troughs or remove the data portion?”: 39:02
“Do you have any really noisy data that you can show us how to edit? Do we make judgement calls about which is the real trough–the lowest point in a cycle?”: 42:05
“Does the program automatically track how much artifact you have corrected in your file?”: 44:04
“If you want to track BP changes around an event, how do you do that?”: 46:03
“How can you find the TPR (total peripheral resistance)?”: 47:47