E-Prime Integration Webinar

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Introduction: 00:00
Basic PC and MindWare Hardware Configurations: 00:16
What is a BioLab trigger (Rising Edge)?: 03:09
Setting up events in BioLab: 05:27
Making sure LPT port number matches parallel port cable: 8:22
Configuring E-Prime to send events to BioLab: 09:58
Configuring slides for E-Pirme: 12:06
Using Task Events to send byte values on the parallel port: 13:17
Sending the trigger to BioLab: 14:48
Clearing the trigger value: 16:01
Send specific event codes to BioLab: 16:43
How to view events in MindWare Analysis Applications: 20:12

Q&A Portion
Can I delete an event if I decide to exclude it from analysis?: 26:54
How does a falling edge trigger work, and when should I use it?: 30:26
Does it matter which digital port I use on the BioNex 8-Slot?: 32:02
How do you pull up the device manager?: 33:11
What if my computer doesn’t have a parallel port?: 33:48
Why would we want to zero out during the wait?: 35:00
How can you send multiple events for one object?: 35:58
Could you explain more about individual events in BioLab?: 38:11
Can BioLab and E-Prime run on the same PC?: 39:11
Can you show the event files in more detail?: 39:39