Thank you for confirming your remote setup and support assistance meeting!


How to prepare for the meeting and what you need to know:

I will need to control and/or view your computer desktop utilizing Zoom to install software and test the system during this session.

Note: Administrative rights to install our analysis software and allow BioLab through Windows and any third-party firewall will be required for this stage. Please contact your IT department to have them install your software prior to this meeting if you do not have the appropriate administrative privileges. Our analysis software and BioLab should be on a black “MindWare” USB drive located within a white USB case included with your order. You are also able to download the latest version of our software from our support site (here).

If you are using the MindWare Mobile please read below: 

  • If using a laptop for acquiring your data, please ensure that the PC is on WIFI for internet access for this meeting so that I can remote into the machine to adjust settings. We will use the ethernet port on the laptop for a cabled connection to the router included with the MindWare order. If you must use the ethernet port on your laptop for internet access (WIFI not available), then a USB to ethernet adapter may be purchased online (example).
  • If using a desktop, please ensure the PC has two ethernet/internet ports so that it may be connected to the internet at the same time that it is connected to the included router. If you do not have an additional ethernet port, a USB to ethernet adapter may be purchased online (example).

The above details and links are also found within the email invitation. I look forward to resolving your issues soon!