Impedance Cardiography Seminar and Workshop

June 10th – 11th, 2017

The MindWare Impedance Cardiography Seminar and Workshop will provide attendees with a scientific understanding of the origins of the measurement, its quantification, and interpretation. It provides a unique blend of science and real-world scenarios with caveats of determining this important component of autonomic function. Attendees will learn how to acquire the requisite physiologic measures, use best techniques for placement of electrodes, and understand what constitutes usable versus unusable data.

Day one will be presented by Dr. Gary Berntson and Dave Lozano, with a focus on the science of impedance cardiography and enhanced by interleaved demonstrations and examples of actual data. It will conclude with analysis and interpretation of impedance cardiography using state-of-the art software tools available to all researchers.

The second day of the seminar will begin with general discussions addressing questions from the science presentation. This will be followed by a hands-on practicum and demonstration of collecting the underlying physiology, identifying usable physiology, dealing with cardiovascular and motion artifact, and applying corrective strategies.

Attendees are encouraged to bring examples of their own physiology data to be used for discussion and demonstration. Questions and analysis issues will be discussed here as well as possible strategies in dealing with problematic data.

This seminar will be valuable for entry-level through well-seasoned researchers and provides a great opportunity to meet and discuss research with fellow attendees. In past seminars, this has developed new friendships and collaborations.

Embassy Suites Columbus Airport
2886 Airport Drive, Columbus, Ohio, 43219

Dr. Gary Berntson

Gary BerntsonGary Berntson is an Emeritus Academy Professor of Psychology at The Ohio State University. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and has edited numerous books, including the Handbook of Psychophysiology and the Handbook of Neuroscience for the Behavioral Sciences. He held several offices in the Society for Psychophysiological Research, including a member of the board of directors (2006-2012), secretary (2006-2009) and President (2011-2012). He has served on numerous federal advisory committees (NIH and NSF, as well as the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense). Berntson is a Fellow in several professional associations and has served on the editorial boards of numerous journals, including Psychophysiology and the International Journal of Psychophysiology. He has been the recipient of Distinguished Teaching and Distinguished Scholar awards from the Ohio State University, and received the Paul D MacLean Award for Outstanding Neuroscience Research from American Psychosomatic Society (2013).

Presentation Outline

  1. Introduction and Historical Overview
    1. Why should we care about cardiovascular function?
    2. Approaches to measuring cardiovascular function
    3. Electrical and mechanical events in the cardiac cycle
    4. Circulation & regulation
    5. Autonomic control
  2. Quantifying Cardiovascular Function
    1. ECG- Origins/Einthoven’s triangle
    2. Heart Rate & Systolic Time Intervals (chronotropic and dromotropic functions)
    3. Volumetric Measures (stroke volume & cardiac output—inotropic measures)
  3.  Impedance Cardiography
    1. Bioelectric Basis of Impedance Cardiography
    2. Thoracic Impedance Signals and Cardiac Estimates
    3. Validity
  4. Impedance Methodology: Significance and Interpretation
    1. Electrodes: Bands vs. Spots
    2. Impedance Devices
    3. Scoring the Impedance Signal / Ensemble Averaging
    4. Metrics of sympathetic cardiac control: myocardial contractility
    5. Volumetric measures
    6. An application: Cardiac Autonomic Balance vs. Cardiac Autonomic Control
    7. Novel perspectives


Hotel rooms are available at Embassy Suites at a special seminar rate through MindWare. Request rooms and identify travelers when you fill out the registration form. All rooms must be booked through MindWare to receive the special rate. A credit card will be required at check-in time and the special rate will be reflected in the room charges at check-out.


  • Hotel Room Reservation at Seminar Rate ($139) – June 1st
  • Seminar Registration ($250 Per Student, $295 Per Non-Student) – June 2nd


Download the registration form and mail or fax to:

MindWare Impedance Cardiography Seminar
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Fax: (614) 547-7018

Additional Information

Consider bringing a laptop to participate in data collection or analysis as well as data files (.MW or .MWX and .MWI) to share and discuss.

For general information, please contact the Seminar Coordinator, Susan Berntson, at

For technical or science questions, please contact Dave Lozano at or 614-626-4888 x7101